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From early in my career, I realized one way I could distinguish myself as an English teacher was to emphasize the art of writing in the classroom. Too many times, I encountered students who struggled in academia beyond the secondary classroom because they were ill-equipped to communicate their thoughts. I knew if I could teach them to write, they would learn the art of communication and succeed.  As one school year transitions to the next, I have never lost that passion for teaching students to write well.
For nearly two decades, I have taught English at a secondary school in or near the greater Oklahoma City area, mostly to upper level and advanced placement students. Every fall, I watch students attempt to navigate the college application and scholarship process only to see them become stressed and disheartened. However, it wasn't until my own son experienced the ups and downs of applying to universities, writing and rewriting essays, and hoping his student resume would garner positive attention, that I investigated ways I could help others through the same steps. And so, I developed the Writing Web tutorial services.
My passion has always been writing, and writing well, and after the success my son experienced through his journey, I decided to lead others to do the same. Students need assistance in the difficult task of writing the stand-out essay, the essay the university advisor reads and shares with his colleague, the essay the university advisor earmarks and places in her scholarship file. Students need guidance through the arduous task of writing the style of essay that earns scholarships, offsetting the expensive costs of higher education.

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