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Having trouble writing that college application or scholarship essay? The Writing Web is here to help. We understand that a good essay can earn thousands of dollars in tuition money and get you admitted to the college of your dreams. Based on our experience, we have noticed that students often struggle when writing the type of essay that universities and scholarship committees request. And that’s exactly what we are passionate about… helping students tell their stories in a professional but unique way to get the recognition they deserve! Whether you struggle with getting started, are stuck in the middle of a mediocre essay, or are finished and just need a final proofread, let us help you complete the task of writing a stand-out essay that will capture the attention of your admissions officer.

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Have you tried to come up with just the right topic for your killer college application essay but nothing seems to work? We are here to help you pick the perfect idea through one of our online brainstorming sessions. In this session, you will fill out information about yourself and then discuss ideas with our expert either via e-mail, video chat, or Voxer so you can uncover those significant and interesting stories living inside of you. Cost $50.00.

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Have you written and rewritten that scholarship essay so many times that you never care to look at it again, yet somehow it doesn’t sound right? You need a content revision session with one of our experts. A content revision is when an expert studies your completed essay but makes suggestions regarding how to zero in on a key idea and improve the fluency and coherence of your draft so that it stands out to admissions officers and scholarship reviewers. When you purchase a content revision session, it includes one intensive content revision from an expert and one final proofread. Cost $150.00.

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If you are nervous about hitting the submit button on that college application or scholarship essay and would like one more set of eyes to look over it, purchase a proofreading session from The Writing Web. Proofreading is different from revision in that we check for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation rather than suggesting changes to the essay structure or content. Proofreading should be the final step before submitting an essay and an error free submission shows that you pay attention to details and know how to put your best foot forward! Cost $50.00.



The task of writing the college admissions and scholarship essay is a daunting one at best! If you feel more comfortable using one of our experts from start to finish, the essay writing bundle is your best choice. The bundle includes one idea generating session, one content revision, and one final proofreading session. Cost $190.00.



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